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How to Have a Successful Retirement

Nearly 7 out of 10 older workers expect to delay retirement and 20% think they will work into their 80’s. But as Fred Astaire said “Old age is like everything else: to make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.” Baby Boomers can conjure up their retirement fantasies and think about what they ...Read more

Changes and Challenges

Have you really thought through what you will gain in responsibilities and how your role will change, particularly if you are managing your former peers?  Are your motivations for becoming a new manager based on some of these myths: I’ll use the same skills as before I’ll have new power I’ll have a lot more ...Read more

Thank God It’s Monday: Creating a Positive Culture at Work Using Humor

Humor contributes to the overall well-being of people in the workplace but I don’t mean that there should be the constant telling of tedious, annoying and distracting jokes. I am suggesting the cultivation of an atmosphere in which we don’t take ourselves too seriously and where we can laugh easily and often. Don’t we need ...Read more

Changes in weather – Changes at work

Change is constant in the workplace and different people react to change in different ways.  Look around you – what have you seen in your co-workers; what about how you react? While some embrace change, others resist or stall the process of riding the wave of change to the detriment of themselves and their organization.  ...Read more

If You Want to Motivate Someone…..

Raise your hand if you use, “I know you can do it “ to motivate.  Verbal encouragement may not be as encouraging as you believe. Research indicates that feeling like you can’t motivates more than feeling like you can. That’s why working out in the gym with someone who is better than you motivates more ...Read more

Tough Conversations – How to Deal with Uncomfortable Workplace Situations

Inappropriate attire, lateness, sexually offensive behavior, tattoos, warring employees, and all the other poor work habits and job performance concerns are up to a manager to address and challenge.  We all realized that we would need to "have a talk" with our people about discipline and performance problems.  But how do you prepare to talk ...Read more

The ABCs of Job Success: Attitude, Behavior and Conduct

This workshop is designed for the new entries into the workforce or for work readiness training. The number one reason employers fire people is because of their attitude. Those who influence your success have to understand what you say, accept how you look and behave and approve of your attitude toward work and your accomplishments. ...Read more

Hot Summer Topics

Summer has always felt to me like the interlude when we have more time to reflect over the last year and think about what we want to accomplish when “school” starts up in the fall. Well, we’re no longer in school, but I think my clients are sharing workplace challenges that they would like help ...Read more

Nine Ways to Lead Your Leader

We hear countless leadership development workshops and seminars including things on the different leadership styles and what the difference is between a leader and a manager. In my work, I hear a lot of disgruntlement about boss’s not being leaders and a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness to change their boss’s interpersonal style. Well, you ...Read more

The Servant Leadership Movement

Everyone is a leader in some aspects of their life – you don’t have to be a CEO – whether you are a parent, a sports coach, or a volunteer coordinator – you want to be as effective as you can to support the success of your people. At the workplace, good CEO’s, senior managers ...Read more

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