Peoplemap™ Training Program: Understanding Yourself and Others

Would you and your staff like to more effective in communicating and collaborating with each other? Would you like to have access to a simple tool to achieve that? It’s called Peoplemap™. This training program is high content, but easy to understand. In the session, the participants will take a 7 question self-scorable personality assessment. Based on their type, they will understand ways to be more effective, collaborative and productive and understand their own styles of leading communicating and getting work done while developing a new appreciation for each other’s specific styles. Each participant leaves the session with “usable skills” that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

What is the Peoplemap™ Personality Type Questionnaire?

Peoplemap™ is a practical, affordable and engaging program, presented by Bev Rosen, a certified Peoplemap™ trainer. It is based on a 5 minute, self-scoring Peoplemap™ Personality Type questionnaire. There are various personality assessment tools to take, such as the Myers-Briggs personality test. But have you really ever utilized your Myers-Briggs training in your working relationships? While Myers-Briggs has 16 personality types, the Peoplemap™ Personality type questionnaire has only four.

  1. Task
  2. Leader
  3. People
  4. Free Spirit

While all of us utilize all of these types depending on the project or team we work with, we do have a dominant fall back type that reflects our basic needs, displays major strengths, but also has troublesome “Achilles Heels.” In the training we learn to overcome these weaknesses so that they become “learned” strengths.

Does Peoplemap™ Achieve Sustained Results?

The programs have been proven to enhance team performance, collaboration and break down barriers to communication. These results have been validated over the course of two years:

  • 102% positive increase in effective communication with others
  • 60% increase in team cohesion
  • 86% positive increase in managing conflicts and disagreements
  • 69% positive increase in having more patience with others, less stress, and more focus
  • 64% increase of supervisors’ ability to work with the people they supervise because they understand how to motivate each personality type.

What Will I Learn in a People Training Program?

  • Become aware of your own personality preferences in down to earth language.
  • Learn your in-born strengths as well as your potential blind spots, your “Achilles Heel.”
  • Turn your “Achilles Heel” into a “learned” strength to perform at your highest level.
  • Learn how to successfully relate, manage, motivate, sell and problem solve with each of the four personality types.
  • Learn the triggers for each personality type.
  • Understand how each type deals with stress, change, and your private personal relationships.
  • Learn how each type contributes to team building.
  • Learn what motivates each type and what are the areas for growth.
  • Practice many action steps (A.C.T.) principle and prepare a personal development plan (S.T.A.R.) principle to capitalize your strengths.
  • Learn through interactive exercises, role plays and other activities how to relate to others more effectively and achieve your goals.

As a certified Peoplemap™ trainer, Bev Rosen is available to discuss your interest in a Peoplemap™ program at your organization. Please contact Bev, at WorkWonders (410) 583-1847.

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