Sample Past Learning Events

Learning Events in 2014

“Lightening up with Laughter” for the Transportation Security Administration

“Alternative Approached to Wellness” for  The National Aquarium

“Productive Conversations in the Workplace” for JBS International

“Wellness and Retirement” for Baltimore County Senior Centers

“The Myths of Motivation” for York County Business Association

“Sexual Harassment ” for Enoch Pratt Free Library

“On Becoming a New Manager” for Enoch Pratt Free Library

“Bullying in the Workplace” for Notre Dame University

“Developing Emotional Intelligence for Success” for Loyola University

“Creating a Positive Work Environment” for Baltimore County Department of Aging’s Staff Development Day

“Leadership from Within” for Maryland State Department of Vocational Service

Learning Events in 2013

“Coaching for High Performance” for a Non-Profit Training Organization

“Healthy Living Strategies” for Baltimore City Housing Authority

“Balancing Work and Personal Life” for an Accounting firm

Workplace Bullying – How to Prevent, Protect and Manage Your Workforce” for a Federal Government Agency

“Balancing Work and Personal life”

“Stress Management and Relaxation Exercises at Work” for a library system

“Handling Loss and Bereavement” for a library system

“Coaching for High Performance” for a library system

“How to get Organized, Plan and Prioritize: The Basics of Productivity” for a non-profit organization

“Balancing Work and Personal life”

“Nutrition Wellness at Work”

“How to Handle Loss and Grief at the Workplace”

“Stress Management and Relaxation at Work”

“How to Influence Your Most Important Work Relationship – Your Boss!”

“Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace”

“Riding the Wave of Change”

“Managing Conflict” – for a nursing home

“The Basics of Planning and Prioritizing” – for Maryland School for the Blind Staff

“Supervising Troubled Employees” – for Non-Profit Training Organization

“Tough Conversation – Sensitive Subjects” – for Frederick County Government

Learning Events in 2012

“Tough Conversations – Sensitive Subjects: How to Talk to an Employee About Anything” – to a Non-Profit Organization

“Working with You is Killing Me” – to a Community College

“Tough Conversations – How to Deal with Uncomfortable Workplace Situations” for a non-profit company

“Growing Through Change” for an International Bank

“Spread Too Thin: Life in the Sandwiched Generation” – for a technical company

“How Stress Affects Your Nutritional Choices” – for an International Bank

“Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships and Effective Communications” – for a Municipal Government

“Working with You is Killing Me” – for a Community College

“Spread Too Thin: Life in the Sandwiched Generation” – for a technical company

“Generations at Work” – for a manufacturing company

“Healthy Eating in the Work Place” – Keynote speaker for the American Heart Association

“Keeping Peace: Managing Family Conflict”- for a government agency

“Relationships: Making it Work Together” – for Cigna Health

“Balancing Work and Life” – for Fort Meade Housing Staff

“Discovering Leadership from Within.” – for a network of non-profits

“Spread Too Thin” Life in the Sandwich Generation” – for an IT company

“Generations at Work” – for a biological research company

“Managing Time, Priorities and Life” – for MD state agency

“Healthy Fare in the Workplace: Impact on Human Capital and The Bottom Line” – for American Heart Association meeting with HR Professionals

“Staying Healthy at a Desk Job” – workshop for leaders at the Maryland Library Association’s annual meeting.

“Conflict Resolution” – a ½ day workshop for a Maryland State Agency of leaders, currently in a leadership development program.

“Fighting Procrastination” – guest presenter at Piggy Bank Promotion’s Blogtalk radio show. (Click here to listen)

“Coaching for High Performance: The Manager as Coach” – a ½ day workshop for a training organization providing state-wide training for non-profit organizations.

“How to Deal with Sensitive Subjects in the Workplace” to Hunt Valley Business Forum

“Time Wasters Anonymous: How do I Retire from this Club” to the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber

“Personal and Professional Ethics: How to Deal with Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace” to Baltimore Community College

“Diversity: Food for Thought” to a Library System

“The Power of a Positive Attitude” to a large DC Bank

“How to Have the Best Relationship with your Boss” to a major library system.

“Riding the Wave of Change” to a Community College

“Conflict Resolution” and “Managing Change” to VA System

“Conflict Management” to a Maryland State Agency

“How to Work More Effectively with Your Manager” to a group of non-profit organization staff.

“Resolution Failure: Change Success” to The Mitre Corporation.

“The Power of Networking” as the key note address at the annual meeting of McLean, Koehler, Sparks, Hammond accounting firm.

“Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace” to managers of a non-profit organizations.

“Teams: The Peoplemap Way” to Job Corps.

“How to Influence your Boss” to a Maryland State Agency

“The Power of Networking” at the Annual Sales Meeting of Accounting firms

“resolution Failure: Change Success” to a large Think Tank in Washington, DC

Learning Events in 2011

“How to Coach Successful Teams” to a mail delivery trade association

“Talking to Employees About Sensitive Subjects” to a trade association in Washington, DC

“Time Wasters Anonymous: How do I Retire From this Group” to a Women in Business Group of an area Chamber of Commerce

“How to Influence Your Boss” to a University System Women’s Forum

Workshop on “Working with You is Killing Me” to Baltimore City Community College.

Two workshops to Enoch Pratt Free Library for their Staff Development Day, “Staying Healthy at a Desk Job” and “How to De-Stress at Work”

Workshop to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on “Today’s Economy: Planning for the Holidays.”

Training at Jewish Community Services on “Time Wasters Anonymous:  How do I Retire from this Club”

Training at Enoch Pratt Free Library on “Talking About Sensitive Subjects with Employees”

Training at Enoch Pratt Free Library on “How to Have the Best Relationship with Your Boss”

Workshop on “Time Wasters Anonymous: How do I retire from this club” for MD Works.

A major organizational development project with an agency of DC Government. Her initial assessment and training will deal with internal customer service problems and she will be training on “Respect in the Workplace.”

Training at Charles County Social Services on “The ABC’s of Workplace Success: Attitude, Behavior and Conduct”

Training at MD Works on “Time Wasters Anonymous:  How do I Retire from this Club”

Training at First Finish on “Managing Time, Priorities and Life”

“Peoplemap: Enhancing Team Communications and Relationships” to an Human Resource Department of a credit union

“The ABC’s of Job Success – Attitude, Behavior and Conduct” to a work readiness program.

“Dealing with Difficult People” to a library system

“Running on E: Empty or Energy?” to a conference on women.

“Managing Emotionally Charged Situations” to a University’s staff.

Training at the VA in Baltimore on “Change Management” and “Conflict Resolution”

Training contract with Charles County Department of Social Services.

Training at Baltimore City Community College on “Stress and Nutritional Choices.”

Workshop on “Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Effective Leadership” to the Veterans Administration

Workshop on Personal and Professional Ethics:  Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace” to Md Works.

Two wellness seminars to the University of Maryland Dental School. 2 seminars at the University of Maryland Dental School.  Their theme was “Wellness at the Workplace” and the titles were “How to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job” and “How Stress can Affect our Nutritional Choices”

Workshop on “Stress Management” at the Veterans Administration in Baltimore under the sponsorship of Anne Arundel Community College

Workshop on “Diversity: Food for Thought” at the Veterans Administration, under the sponsorship of Cecil College.

Workshop on “Civility in the Workplace: Rude Awakenings” for Jewish Community Services.

Workshop on “How to Deal with Emotionally Charged Situations” to a library system.

Learning Events in 2010

Workshop on “How Stress Affects Our Eating Habits” for the staff of Baltimore City Community College.

Workshop on “Diversity in the Workplace” for the VA.

Maryland Works

  • “So You Want to be a Leader? Forging the Path to Excellence”

Veterans Administration

  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Stress Management
  • Discovering Leadership from Within

The Washington Institute for Near East Studies

  • PeopleMap: The Leadership and Team Building Program

University of Maryland Dental School

  • Staying Healthy at a Desk Job: How Stress Affects our nutritional Choices

Jewish Community Services

  • Civility in the Workplace: Rude Awakenings

Baltimore City Community College

  • How Stress Affects Nutritional Habits

University of Maryland Women’s Conference

  • Personal Traps that Hold You Back in the Workplace
  • Power Networking for Women

Euler Hermes

  • Food in the Fast Lane


  • Talking to Employees about Sensitive Subjects

Enoch Pratt Free Library

  • Generational Diversity: Successful Strategies for the Workplace
  • Two Ears: One Mouth: Communication Connections
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