Many times senior management, department directors and human resource professionals are themselves in a quandary about how to manage difficult organizational and employee relations problems. At WorkWonders, we provide a detailed needs assessment to determine what types of consultation, conflict resolution modality, stress reduction program or managerial coaching will lead to enhanced organizational effectiveness and personal performance. We focus first on desired results. Then, in partnership with over 400 clients, we identify, implement and evaluate appropriate strategies to achieve the desired results. We offer neutral, professional guidance backed by 12 years of consultative experience, certified mediation skills, clinical counseling expertise, workplace trauma certification and countless references of successful coaching.

What Consultation Can Do For Your Organization

  • Improve performance of managers and senior executives
  • Sharpen leadership skills of high-potential employees
  • Correct behavioral problems/issues
  • Ensure success of newly promoted managers
  • Help technical employees gain leadership skills
  • Manage the anxieties of the workplace environment
  • Offer therapeutic alternatives for impaired individual productivity
  • Cope with the stress of mergers, acquisitions and staffing changes
  • Resolve impediments to significant corporate developments
  • Provide emergency response to sudden workplace trauma

For Example, a Successful Engagement…

Presenting Problem: Senior management of a newly merged hospital system was offended by the unpopularity of its decisions and the negativity and resistance to cost-saving downsizing. Management didn’t understand why the “survivors” of the downsizing were not more grateful to have a job and why they were “acting up.”

Intervention: WorkWonders helped engage senior management in exploring the change management process and its role in understanding that the workforce wanted to be heard. Management realized that it had not garnered the input of key individual groups and the “acting out” behaviors were due to the lack of communication and information sharing. Strategies included focus groups, executive summary debriefing, conflict resolution services and formulation of 12 multi-discipline implementation teams.

Results: Management reversed some of its negative decisions, such as mandated uniforms. After three months, management achieved its desired results of increased morale, diminished negative performance and a 70% reduction in resignations.

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