Team Building

Team building is a key element of achieving results in today’s business environment. Team misalignment, however, is also a frequent illness within an organization; therefore, team-building sessions remain a high level priority and an “intervention of choice” supported by senior management. Since team building is a process, WorkWonders offers a variety of team-building sessions that are tailored to meet your needs. Client requests have varied by type: a hospital unit that is fraught with conflict, branches of an agency that report poor team problems as #1 in their employee satisfaction study and a financial functional unit that is fragmented and delivering poor internal customer service.

Through a thorough needs assessment process or diagnostic pre-tests with any of your stakeholders, WorkWonders will utilize the tangible data to customize a selection of sessions that address the unique needs of the team.

  • Are your teams working together at their highest level of efficiency?
  • Are your teams displaying signs of team “viruses?”
    • No desire to be a team – no incentives either
    • Poor interpersonal trust or support
    • Barriers that block effective communications
    • Poor collaboration when team problems occur
    • Individuals hindering team interaction
    • Team leadership is ineffective
  • Have there been complaints by other parts of the organization that your team is dysfunctional and not supportive?
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