Interpersonal Performance Improvement

“No one knows how to communicate around here.”

“The supervisors are the worst in knowing how to treat us with respect.”

“It’s bad enough our customers get angry with us on the phone – it seems to pervade the company’s culture.”

“I have no respect for my manager – she let’s certain individuals get away with outrageous behaviors while the rest of us have to tow the line.”

Training Programs

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Do your employees want to come to work each day? Poor interpersonal dynamics can ruin the healthy productive environment of any organization. It can be a leading cause of losing loyal employees. Poor communication skills and conflict resolution skills can be a huge time waster as well. Often times, we misdiagnose performance problems because we forget that acceptable attitude, behavior and conduct are just as important to organizational productivity as mastery of tasks. We also need to be wary of managers’ enabling interpersonal problems by denying they exist or requesting a training session for a team when it is really an individual who needs a corrective action plan.

With a 25-year background as a clinical social worker, Bev Rosen, Principal of WorkWonders, can help you select the best approach to resolving interpersonal performance problems. She will assist you on how best to target your interventions, which may be a multi-prong approach. WorkWonders uses an experiential learning model, designing customized training. Experiential learning occurs when a person engages in an activity, abstracts insights from the experience and applies them to present and future work situations. Experiential learning uses case studies, simulations, skill practices, games and other forms of adult learning processes in addition to the presentation of concepts. The goal is to translate learning into lasting changes in behavior through direct learner involvement.

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