Leadership Development

“Why can’t I get the results I want from my team?”

“My new job as a manager would be great – if I only had time to get around to doing it.”

“I know I have the technical skills – but they gave me no training or information about how to manage others.”

Training Programs

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The emphasis on leadership development is pervasive throughout organizations. There has been much talk about the need for visionary leadership, but having the vision is not enough to have a highly productive workforce. What is needed is enlightened leadership, empowering managers with the training, support and resources to get their staff to accept ownership for the vision as their own. Indeed managers today need to be a coach, a mentor and a cheerleader with the ability to nurture and encourage their people to be open, creative and innovative and achieve their shared objectives.

From the new manager to the senior management executives, WorkWonders can offer you an array of customized leadership development sessions to offer the key competencies that successful managers need. Our sessions always include self-assessments, group discussions that are highly interactive, role plays and case scenarios that are pertinent to the real world of your managers. Additional customized sessions can be developed to meet the leadership development needs of your organization.

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