Organizational Change

“Oh no, not another change – I don’t think I can survive it!”

“I hate change – it’s frustrating, disconcerting and most of all, I feel defenseless – so I fight it in every way I can.”

“Why doesn’t anyone prepare us for these changes? There is no communication and no input from the people who are most affected.”

“I don’t care what they call it – rightsizing, downsizing, restructuring – it all means a lack of stability and I fear feeling incompetent.”

Training Programs

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Our age is in a period of transformation. Yet, there are many employees, including heads of organizations, who are in an advanced state of denial that blinds them to the new and pressing realities of the need for change. In order to increase competitive advantage, create innovative solutions and respond to the forces of global pressures and advanced technology, we have to deal with workers’ fears, denial, resistance and apathy. It’s the soft stuff that is the hard stuff, but it’s the soft stuff that makes the difference.

WorkWonders offers a variety of sessions to help organizations, individuals and groups deal with organizational change. These diverse workshops help your employees understand the change process and gain skills and new strategies to cope with a variety of dimensions of change. This is a broad topic and needs careful assessment as to what meaning the change has to the workforce, what obstacles stand in the way of embracing the change and what skills are needed dependent on the type of change.

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